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The Cuban project 2019 - 2020 (CD Album launch and Havana Festival Identidades)

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Cuban CD Album launch
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Last February 2019, Nadia Debono, a colleague and a friend of mine and myself, had the privilege to visit and perform in Havana, Cuba. It was one of the most beautiful musical and cultural experience of our lives. Unfortunately it lasted only a week, however it was worth the 16hr flight and the long wait at the airport for our VISA to be issued and given to us. In fact a one point I was thinking that we were gonna be sent back to Malta. Well it wasn't the case and we made the most of our musical and cultural journey as one can see from the pictures.

Quoting travel writer Deborah Cater, 'You have to taste a culture to understand it'...and that is what we did.

Despite the language barrier, since neither of us speak Spanish, we met people and made new musical friends through sounds, music, dance and food!!

We rehearsed and performed two concerts in 5 days, and managed to fit some sight seeing in between our musical obligations. The festival we were invited to perform, 'Identitades: International Guitar festival', was organized by Cuban guitarist and composer Eduardo Martin. We met lots of talented and motivated musicians. I had the opportunity to play flute and guitar duo with Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas, and Leo Brouwer trio with Nadia Debono (viola) and Arody Garcia (Mexican guitarist).

It was tiring due to the jetlag however we managed well, and that was because people were so appreciative and they made us feel so comfortable and welcome. The colorful Havana, the huge difference between the rich and poor people, even in the same street, the bars all filled with people drinking, smoking cigars, dancing to Latin live bands. So many talented musicians, so many different Latin rhythms which symbolizes the culture and lifestyle of a place, of a nation, influenced by Castro's governance.

I really recommend you visiting Havana and let your senses experience the beauty of a nation through its music, dance, colors and culinary taste.

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